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Wedge wire mesh grilles, ballustrades, façades and cladding for architectural applications
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Wedge wire grilles & architectural products

Our unique combination of wedge wire specialist designers & wedge wire mesh manufacturing capabilities enables a package tailored to suit every architects needs for any architectural project

Superb effects for Water Features, Air Conditioning / Acoustic Grilles, Stairways & Bridges, Canopies & Suspended Ceilings.

Characterised by their visual impact and quality of engineering, this bespoke wedge wire product range is ideal for use in prestigious architectural developments where location and exposure to arduous conditions dictate the need for robust, durable solutions.

Innovative Wedge Wire design features

Contemporary design features combined with wire mesh materials manufactured to the highest standards ensure a finished product that is architecturally impressive and robust in design whilst affording acoustic solutions and thermal airflow properties. Light transmission through Gap Architectures' wedge wire products creates beautiful effects and uncompromised privacy whilst promoting the concept of open space.

wedge wire floor grille image

The superior design and architectural merits of our wedge wire, woven wire, expanded metal and perforated / precision cut plates provide a successful combination of durability and elegance. Our extensive range of wedge wire profiles can be adapted to interpret architectural visions with various finishes comprising satin, electro-polished, irridescent or bespoke to each architects requirements.

Architectural Wedge Wire Gallery

Architectural superiority and perfection

Architectural wedge wire metalwork is an area of expertise; from a stainless steel water features, drainage grilles and spiral staircase to iconic building facades, lighting columns and stainless steel walkways, Gap Architecture is a world leader in bespoke metal fabrication. Working with architects, designers and regeneration specialists to provide fabrication expertise, design, consultation and installation, Gap Architecture provides the complete package to deliver your requirements.

Radial Wedge Wire Grille System Image Wedge Wire used as Swimming Pool Grilles ImageWelded Wedge Wire Grille used in Walkways, Heating & Air Conditioning / Acoustic Grilles ImageInternal view of Externally Wound Wedge Wire Drum ImageWedge Wire with 90 degree cornering features ImageLooped Wedge Wire (Underside View) - Anit-Slip Grille with great Architectural potential and possibilities Image

1. Radial Wedge Wire Grille System. 2. Wedge Wire used as Swimming Pool Grilles. 3. Welded Wedge Wire Grille used in Walkways, Heating & Air Conditioning / Acoustic Grilles. 4. Internal view of Externally Wound Wedge Wire Drum. 5. Wedge Wire with 90 degree cornering features. 6. Looped Wedge Wire (Underside View) - Anit-Slip Grille with great Architectural potential and possibilities.

From concept solutions to precision production manufacturing, Gap Architecture can deliver your ideas, crafted to exact specification and to the very highest quality. We offer fully bespoke architectural services for a wide range of wedge wire applications including balustrades and staircases, bridges, building facades, cladding, canopies, suspended ceilings, wall and floor feature panels, air conditioning and acoustic grilles, street furniture, trellis work and pergolas, fountains/water features and swimming pool overflow channel grating to name but a few.

We offer an extensive range of wedge wire products and services which cover many of our clients requirements. However, we are adept at developing bespoke solutions where innovation and individuality are paramount. For more information on our Wedge Wire Grilles and Architectural products please...

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Wedge Wire Profiles and product breakdown information

SB Wedge Wire Profilesb wedge wire profile image

The Sb range is our most frequently used profile type offering superb and a wide variety of applications for architects. Commonly put to great effect in air conditioning & heating / ventilation grilles - giving aesthetic properties whilst aiding with air-flow and architectural visionaries.

Boasting the largest range of Sb profiles within the UK, our extensive table of wire profiles is available in a range of Stainless Steel grades and powder coated finishes for a more economical solution in indoor architectural applications.

SBB & HS Wedge Wire Profilesbb and hs wedge wire profile image

Similar to our Sb range, Sbb and HS profiles provide a larger body which is slightly parallel at the shoulder to restrict wear of the manufactured Slot Gap.

Ideal for more heavy duty architectural applications, this profile range is also available in our standard grade materials and specialist hardwearing steel qualities, the HS range in particular being available in Manganese Steel and a powder coated finish.

GB Wedge Wire " T " Profilegb wedge wire profile image

Our range of Gb "T" profiles offer a even T shaped tapered profile. This profile offers architects and designers a strong, lightweight and visually stunning architectural solutions, a unique product that stands out amongst other profiles

Architects find that this tapered wedge wire profile lends itself to sound and air flow applications where its acoustic properties can be best put to use - ideally suited for its unsurpassed technical benefits. Available in a powder coated finish for indoor applications.

FB Looped Wedge Wire Profilefb looped wedge wire profile image

Standard Looped profiles, from our Fb wedge wire grille range.

Pressed from a dye, this looped wedge wire profile has immense architectural potential - being strong, durable and leightweight.

With a looped wedge wire underside, the fb profile is ideal for many architectural applications where "non-slip" properties are required.

An indepth look at our wedge wire & its uses, including profiles, support and technical data can be found by visiting Gap Technology.

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