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Wedge wire mesh grilles, ballustrades, façades and cladding for architectural applications
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Wire mesh applications for architects

Wire mesh offers great advantages to conventional architectural materials, topping the architects tick list for form & function

Wire mesh gives an architect a contemporary and versatile design freedom. Its very nature allows it to be used throughout a broad spectrum of architectural projects from interior to exterior uses and applications. Creating striking visual effects, whilst being strong, durable and flexible. Wire Mesh from Gap Architecture is fast becoming an architects dream material to work with.

We are aware that every architectural undertaking is unique and can raise it's own questions.
This is why Gap Architecture offers the architect bespoke wire mesh design solutions, detailed engineering, concept designing, structural calculations, manufacture to erection & Installation and Project Management.

Wire mesh for architecture has many design advantages & features and can be used both in internal or external architectural applications. As individual pieces or in combination with each other, Gap Architecture can tailor any of our wire mesh products for any architectural project or structure.

Wire mesh and perforated metal sheets - design features

In stainless steel - wire mesh and our perforated sheets are strong, durable and flexible. Used internally wire mesh can combine security with safety whilst giving a modern and contemporary feel to its application - pleasing to the eye and which can be manufactured to a specific level of transparancy as required. Used externally - wire mesh exposed to the elements is waterproof and largely self maintaining.

We have a comprehensive selection of materials and patterns in standard specifications, or alternatively, we can produce bespoke products to cater for individual requirements. The wide range of products and industries catered for ensures we remain focused on our customers needs.

perforated metal sheet situation image 1 perforated metal sheet situation image 2 wire mesh situation image 3 wire mesh situation image 4 wire mesh situation image 5 wire mesh situation image 6

Architectural applications include... Decorative and Safety Covers / Architectural Elements / Grids and Reinforcers / Staircases / Grates / Acoustical Insulation

Functionality / form and architectural applications

Our wire mesh and perforated metal sheets have a huge range of architectural indoor and outdoor applications and can be individually tailored to an architects specific needs on a specific project.

Architectural wire mesh and screens are rigid wire woven or braided wire cables depending on the requirements, end use and desired functionality. Unique weights and strength specifications can be achieved by the use of wire diameters and slightly varying the gap between cables / wires.

By varying these factors we are able to produce a variety of products which includes a Smooth Weave / Twilled Weave / Fine Metal cloths impervious to light / Armoured Mesh / Harp Screens and many more - all having their own unique properties for a use in different applications by architects.

Wire mesh swatch samples

We have a great range of architectural wire mesh variations, each with unique properties and architectural applications.
Please select swatch for full scale view

levanto swatch sample image borea swatch sample image nashi swatch sample image maestro swatch sample image gregale swatch sample image savannah swatch sample image vardar swatch sample image

scirocco 1 swatch sample image scirocco 2 swatch sample image scirocco 3 swatch sample image scirocco 4 swatch sample image scirocco 5 swatch sample image shamal swatch sample image mistral swatch sample image

bali swatch sample image

Examples of wire mesh can be seen throughout our image galley page...

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Gap Architecture welcomes the opportunity to work with designers, design engineers and architects alike in developing applications for these exciting wire mesh and perforated metal sheet materials.

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