Architectural Wedge Wire

Bespoke wedge wire grilles and solutions for architectural applications

Wedge Wire Heating and Ventilation Grilles

Air Conditioning Grilles

Architectural Wedge Wire for Air Conditioning Grilles (heating and ventilation) can be made for both standardised installation / sizes, or custom manufactured for any unique purpose / gap size / dimension. Air Conditioning Grilles

Modern Ceiling Grilles in Welded Wedge Wire

Suspended Ceiling Grilles

Based on welded wedge wire, our suspended ceiling grilles ensure unique and useful qualities along with novel visual effects for modern architecture Suspended Ceiling Grilles

Architectural Wedge Wire for Swimming Pool Grilles and Water Drainage

Water Drainage Grilles

Thanks to their increased mechanical resistance, wedge wire is ideally suited for efficient drainage in swimming pool applications and water feature draining including fountain areas etc. Water Drainage Grilles

Entrance, Walkway and Decking Grilles

Heelsafe Floor Grilles

Heel Safe Entrance, Walkway and Decking Grilles from Gap Architecture combine advanced anti-slip production technologies and a unique design potential Heelsafe Walkways and Entrance Grilles

Balustrades, Partitions & Column Surrounds utilising Architectural Wedge Wire

Balustrades & Partitions

Balustrades, Partitions & Column Surrounds – unique combinations achieved through visual impact, durability and quality engineering, this bespoke product range is a superb solution Balustrades and Partitions

Wedge wire stainless steel balconies and staircases

Staircases & Balconies

Wedge wire stainless steel balconies and staircases are designed and manufactured to bespoke specifications. Working in conjunction with architects and contractors, we offer a complete end to end service Staircase and Balconies

Architectural Wedge Wire cladding and facades products

Cladding & Facades

Our wedge wire cladding and facades product is an elevation system for decorative panelling, perfect for exterior use on public, large-surface commercial and industrial buildings etc. Cladding and Facades

Wedge wire grilles for awnings, canopies and sunshades

Awnings & Canopies

Utilising our wedge wire grilles for awnings, canopies and sunshades offers some great design features and functionality along with perfect environmental control Awnings, Canopies and Sunshades

Wedge Wire for Architecture, a unique approach

From concept wedge wire solutions to precision production and manufacturing, Gap Architecture transforms architect ideas into reality. Our architectural wedge wire is designed to exact specifications, to the very highest precision and quality. We offer a truly bespoke wedge wire product that is ideally suited to a wide range of architectural applications, optimising strength and versality whilst combining an acoustic enhancement with superb visual aesthetics. Our architectural wedge wire specialists and designers, along with our unrivalled manufacturing capabilities, enables a tailored wedge wire package to suit the architects vision or project requirement.

Superb Effects

Architectural Wedge Wire brings with it superb effects for Water Features, Air Conditioning, Acoustic Grilles, Stairways & Bridges as well as for Canopies & Suspended Ceilings.

Characterised by its’ visual impact and quality of engineering, this bespoke product range is ideal for use in prestigious architectural developments where location and exposure to arduous conditions dictate the need for a robust and durable solution.

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Cutting Edge Manufacturing

With cutting edge manufacturing techniques, produce an extremely strong, robust and durable product, which combines practicality with a unique appealing aesthetic appearance.

The open area of the grilles, as well as the size of profile wire, can vary to replicate the architects chosen design, to transform ideas into reality. Our design team will liaise with the nominated engineer to develop ideas, assess impact loadings, and producing calculations for varying spans and situations.

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Global Supplier

GAP Architecture is a global supplier of high-quality architectural wedge wire. With over 15 years’ experience, we strive for perfection in creating optimised and fully customised wedge wire components.

Gap Architecture offers an extensive range of standardised wedge wire products for architects and architectural purposes. We also develop bespoke solutions where innovation and individuality are paramount.

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