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Wedge Wire Awnings, Canopies and Sunshades

Wedge Wire Awnings, Canopies and Sunshades

Stainless Steel Canopies - easy cleaning and environmental friendly

Great designs, easy cleaning and environmentally friendly

Awnings, Canopies and Sunshades constructed from wedge wire offer great design and provide an ideal easy cleaning and environmental control solution. Produced in varying gap sizes, materials and finishes of your choice, wedge wire canopies are often used in public spaces.

GAP Architecture is a global supplier of high-quality architectural wedge wire. With over 15 years’ experience, we strives for perfection by creating fully customised wedge wire awnings and canopy components. We offer an extensive range of products for architectural purposes, covering many client requirements. We are also adept at developing bespoke solutions where innovation and individuality are paramount. Wedge wire sunshades and awnings are low maintenance, exhibit self cleaning properties and have secure fixings.

Our unique combination of architectural wedge wire specialist designers and manufacturing capabilities enables a tailored wedge wire package to suit every architectural need, for any project.

Superb awning, canopy and sunshade effects can be achieved. Characterised by its visual impact and quality engineering, our bespoke wedge wire product range is ideal solution for use in prestigious architectural developments where location and exposure to arduous conditions dictate the need for a robust and durable solution.

Combining practicality with a unique aesthetic appearance, our cutting edge manufacturing techniques ensure an extremely strong, robust and durable wedge wire product. The open area of these sunshade grilles in conjunction with wire profile parameters can be adjusted to realise the architects vision and design. Our in-house design team will liaise and work alongside your nominated engineer to develop ideas, assess impact loadings and produce detailed calculations.

Perforated Steel Awnings, Canopies and Sunshades

Perforated Steel Awnings, Canopies and Sunshades

Bespoke perforation sizes, shapes, material, finishes and colours

Bespoke perforation sizes, shapes, material, finishes and colour

Available in a range of options, perforated steel awnings allow the fundamental control of light, UV and heat. This is achieved through the perforation hole size in order to alter the amount of sunlight penetration to effect shaded areas. Canopies and sunshade lighting can be controlled in a uniform manner using these perforations steel, also allowing the correct amount of air flow and shading in a building space or structure.

With the ability to naturally control building temperature whilst working in harmony with the internal air conditioning system, perforated metal awnings, canopies and sunshades are used to create an environmentally friendly method of energy control.

Available in a variety of material types, surface finishes and coatings, perforated steel canopies and sunshades provide a comfortable amount of light into a designated area. Perforated steel can be tailored to any design or purpose you require. With unique specification options for hole sizes, shapes, distribution and coatings. perforated metal awnings, sunshades and canopies are available in the following materials:

Aluminium Powder coated to a RAL Colour of choice.
Mild Steel Powder coated to a RAL Colour of choice.
Stainless Steel Powder coated to a RAL Colour of choice.

RAL Colour Palette
Basic colours in accordance with Standard RAL colour palette (RAL 9006, 9007, 9010, 9016, 9002, 5017, 3020, 3009). Other colours from the RAL palette are available upon request.

RAL Colour Palette for Metal Sunshades

Please Note that presented colours may vary.

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