Perforated Steel Furniture

Perforated metal sheeting is a great choice for internal and external seating, being durable, easy to clean and versatile. Becoming commonly used for street furniture or indoor public furniture applications, perforated steel furniture is hygienic, lightweight, hard wearing and resistant to weathering.

Perforated Metal Seating

Perforated steel sheets are versatile and suited for a range of uses

Whether as seat shells, chairs or benches, display furniture, shelves, table elements and much more – many architects are increasingly turning to the modern alternative of steel and perforated metal sheet materials. With numerous indoor and outdoor applications, perforated metal sheeting is ideally suited as furniture elements throughout:

Schools Offices and Business Parks Public Gardens and Parks Factories Staff Dormitories Dressing and Changing Rooms Swimming Pools & Sports Grounds Local Authorities and Government Buildings Prisons Care Homes Gyms Supermarkets Libraries Hospitals and so on

Perforated Steel Furniture - colour & perforation options

Material, colour & perforation options to suit all requirements

Offering an almost unlimited potential for architects and architectural street furniture applications, perforated metal sheeting can be tailored for your individual project and specification requirements:

Material: Perforated metals and sheeting in: Stainless steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium. Perforations: Custom perforations are available, with holes in a variety of shapes, sizes and density including: Round, Oval, Hexagonal, Square, Slotted, Diamond and Cross holes. Colour: Powder coated options available to the RAL colour of your choice.

RAL Colour Palette
Basic colours in accordance with Standard RAL colour palette (RAL 9006, 9007, 9010, 9016, 9002, 5017, 3020, 3009). Other colours from the RAL palette are available upon request.

Perforated Metal RAL Colour Palette

Please Note that presented colours may vary.

Benefits of perforated metal sheets for street furniture


Tightly connected parts through spot welding ensure individual connections are inseparable, making perforated steel furniture strong, stable, durable, and less susceptible to natural damage through weathering or vandalism. This combined strength also makes loading capacity of steel furniture extremely high.

These properties contribute to a long life span of steel furniture, making them an economical and sensible alternative to other materials.


Unlimited potential! Depending on material and grade, our perforated metal sheeting can be fully customised, formed and processed in many ways to suit a variety of applications.


Steel furniture surpasses wooden and plastic furniture by being both fire retardant and waterproof. In also guarding against theft, perforated metal furniture is a highly secure and safe product. (Suitable to poorer / harsher environments and for some special purposes.)

Steel furniture is also healthy to us too as there’s no glue or chemicals used in the production process. Neither are you to suffer from pesky wooden splinters or rust.

Easy Maintenance

Once installed, the smooth and hardwearing surfaces of steel furniture makes it very easy to wipe and keep clean. As an added bonus there’s almost zero maintenance requirements – therefore a great solution for local authorities and use in public areas.

On top of this, because steel sheets are thinner than other comparable materials, they have remarkable space saving advantages.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel is sustainable provides many environmental benefits over other counterpart materials such as plastic or wood. Steel is classed as one of the most suitable metals for recycling as its condition requires little maintenance and it can be reused an infinite amount of times.


Steel street furniture is both modern and fashionable. Applications can be colour co-ordinated to suit different environments or to harmonize business and public spaces with featured elements.

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