Wire Mesh Architecture

Woven Wire Mesh for architects and internal / external architectural projects

Woven Wire Mesh Balustrades and Partitions

Balustrades & Partitions

Combining modern technology and superior design styles, minimalistic wire mesh balustrades, partitions and column surrounds are the perfect answer for architects and investors seeking a modern solution Balustrades and Partitions

Wire Mesh Cladding and Facades

Cladding & Facades

Woven wire mesh creates unique internal and external architectural features such as enhanced lighting effects and material contrasts. They’re also a practical solution for screening, sound insulation and general cladding Cladding and Facades

Suspended Ceiling Grilles made from Woven Wire / Mesh

Suspended Ceiling Grilles

Suspended ceiling grilles manufactured from our wire mesh offers a wide variety of demanding and design-oriented solutions. A great application for integrated lighting concepts, room acoustics and technical installation covers Suspended Ceiling Grilles

Wire Frame Staircases and Balconies

Feature Staircases & Balconies

Used in combination with wedge wire, wire mesh for use in feature staircases and balconies can create visually stunning and structural sound solutions. Available in a variety of patterns and finishes Staircase and Balconies

Woven / Wire Mesh for Architecture, innovation by design

Cutting edge and innovative Wire Mesh for Architectural applications. Every architectural project is unique, which is why we offer a full project management and bespoke wire mesh design solutions, from detailed engineering, concept designing and structural calculations, through to Manufacture and Installation. Different types of mesh surface textures and lighting makes it possible to alter the aspect of the material, so that depending on the viewing angle, meshes can alternate between being translucent to opaque in an instant. We welcome the opportunity to work with design engineers and architects alike in developing bespoke applications for exciting new architectural wire mesh projects.

Design features

Woven wire mesh is strong, durable and flexible and can be used both internally and externally. It combines security with safety and gives a modern and contemporary feel to its application. We can produce to many specifications, all pleasing to the eye, whilst being tailored to clients transparency level requirements.

Our highly skilled team combine unrivalled architectural woven wire mesh experience with technical knowledge in order to provide a fully bespoke and complete service for all architects projects and visions.

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Internal Applications

Our wire mesh range has become synonymous for interior design features largely due to its flexibility for partitioning without drywall, paint or wall coverings. It is an amazingly versatile material which easily lends itself to a whole range of applications for room or area separation including Decorative Columns, Walls, Ceilings, Staircase Enclosures, Lift Shafts or simply as an Accent. Stunning design effects can be achieved by tailoring the mesh specification to create just the right level of transparency or shimmering translucency.

Available in a wide range of finishes, from eye-catching bright and shiny natural metals, to vibrant coloured powder coatings or finishes, our designers have the creative experience to turn even the most functional project into a work of art.

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External Applications

Utilising our architectural steel mesh as an external cladding solution forms a semi-transparent outer skin that acts as a sun shield, whilst also reducing heat loss. Its’ aesthetic appeal comes from the reflective nature of stainless steel which can alter its appearance during daytime differential weather conditions to create shimmering metallic effect at certain hours of the day. At night, integrated LED lighting and colour can create some really spectacular optical illusions, opening up new design possibilities to highlight and create spectacular displays.

Largely waterproof and self-maintaining, most of our woven wire mesh patterns are constructed from solid metals and are therefore far more resistant than comparable composite materials.

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