London Underground Nine Elms

London Underground Nine Elms

Stainless Steel & Aluminium deep linear grilles at Nine Elms, London Underground

Grilles throughout Nine Elms main platforms and Ticket Hall

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Project Details

Nine Elms is a London Underground Station currently being constructed as part of the Northern line extension to Battersea. The station is due to open in Autumn 2021.

Gap Architectures involvement in this project has been extensive and whilst its undertaking was challenging due to the architects vision in realising the deep linear style Grilles in both Stainless Steel and Aluminium material complete with a special anodised black finish, it has been somewhat rewarding to see the project develop during installation.

Our Managing Director Dean Reep initially travelled to the clients offices in London to discuss the architects requirements considering the bespoke nature of the Grilles and the different variants throughout Nine Elms main platforms and Ticket Hall.

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Following a successful meeting Gap started work on numerous sample configurations to trial the deep linear surface blades with minimum congestion on the underside of the Grilles hence very few supports whilst maintaining a uniform slot Gap throughout. Once GAP had been awarded the contract their remit was to produce 3 different style of Grilles as follows…

Grille 01 stainless steel (316) Grilles with 20mm x 3mm profile bars and bespoke hinges for access behind the Grilles. Keeping the continuity of each Grille including water jet cut outs for CCTV cameras, sprinklers and speakers for installation in the Nine Elms ticket hall and main platform.

Grille 02 stainless steel (316) ventilation Grilles 20mm x 3mm wire profiles constructed in a similar configuration to Grille 03 below.

Grille 03 Aluminium anodised black grilles in the same design as Grille 02. All Grilles featured a bespoke fixing method along with an underside mesh cavity to accommodate the Kingspan insulation.

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