Barnsley Town Hall Water Feature

bespoke water feature Grilles and Channel Troughs at Barnsley Town Hall

Unique focal point water feature

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Barnsley Town Hall
Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Project Details

Barnsley Town Hall in South Yorkshire has not only been the home of the Council offices but is also famous for being a prestigious wedding venue and museum dating back to 1933 when it was first built.

Gap Architecture were invited to tender for the design, manufacture, supply and installation of the bespoke water feature Grilles and Channel Troughs which led to GAP’s scope of works also incorporating the pivoting water jet nozzles and all associated penetrations and collars for the lighting effects.

This historic building and renovation project commanded only the highest grade materials and craftsmanship for its unique garden landscape and focal point water feature.

The troughs and Grilles had to be designed to withstand a B125 load rating due to their location and the infrequent use of light commercial vehicles for prestigious events such as the Christmas ‘turning on of the lights‘.

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GAP Architecture had to ensure that all of the stainless steel fabricated troughs were completely water tight and all bracings and fixings were entirely suited to the wedge wire linear Grille system without compromising pedestrian safety and surface aesthetics.

GAP’s installation also had to ensure that all channels were anchored to the concrete footings with levels being maintained throughout and included for all drain valves and spigots where applicable.

Each channel bay comprised external mating flanges and gaskets with interlocking end plates to ensure a continuous linear appearance of all adjacent Grilles running the full 18 Meters length.

The complete wedge wire Grille system had a premium ‘type D’ anti-slip surface finish and all elements supplied by GAP Architecture were of a 316 grade stainless steel construction.

The end result is a stunning landmark water feature with multiple jets of water illuminated in different colours creating a spectacular show and tourist attraction enjoyed by many.

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